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of Volkmar André

Kilduffahoo II

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Tara and foal Kilduffahoo II

Discovering the Connemara Pony

Since the 1970’s my family and I have been traveling to Ireland for our vacations.
Ireland offers something for everyone: an abundance of history to discover, lakes
and oceans for swimming and boating, mountains for hiking and horses, more
precisely: Connemara ponies.

It was here, in county Clare, Ireland, where I was first introduced to the Connemara.
Tara, a mare that I purchased for my children to learn how to ride: patient, versatile,
easy to train by an adult and easy to handle for a child.

And it was here in County Clare, Ireland, where I was introduced to the stallion
Kilduffahoo II (Kildoo). Having known his father I knew he was superior in his own
class and perfect for the continuation of long lines of the original Connemara I had
been breeding since the early 80’s.

I brought him to Germany in hopes that he would pass all exams and be entered
in the Stud Book – and he did not disappoint!

Today he is available to play his role in the continuation of the original
Connemara – and to other Connemara owners who have fallen in love
with this extraordinary breed and wish to continue their mares’ legacy.

I welcome your inquiries!